Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In memory - words from a Son-in-law

Danielle was a very unique person, she was super smart, and super giving. She would do anything for anyone, and I mean anyone.

When I just meet Danielle, she and Kristina were living together in Vancouver, and every time I went to their place it seemed like there were more and more people living there. I guess it was cold outside, and Danielle figured she would solve the homeless problem in Vancouver by herself. By letting everyone live with her. As you can imagine that didn't work out all that well, as so many different people under one roof don't tend to get along. But she always wanted to help, even if she was the one who needed it most.

Kristina, Danielle and myself did many things together...
    ....we went on vacations,  we didn't go too far in between drinks,as there always seemed to be a bar to stop at. Although Danielle didn't drink much, I would make up for her.  Now, how am I going to get away with drinking so much?

    ..... she came here to visit
 ..... this was a few years ago, in Tofino

  ..... we went to Montreal to visit her too.   It was always interesting,  not too many dull moments.

Sometimes she would phone me and tell me about my astrology, she would say this is a very lucky time for you, and sure enough, I would win stuff on the radio, or in other contests. She was very good at her astrology, and she loved doing it.

Whenever she came here to visit we would all spent several hours sitting in front of the xbox playing many different game, and let me tell you, anything with trivia was a waste of time for us, she always kicked our butts. But we always had fun.
Life is going to be very different without her around, she will be dearly missed.

Love you always.
Till we meet again,
Love you, Martin

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