Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In memory - words from the extended family

Daniele spend many hours with her extended family, the "in laws" :-)  Ruth and Ina comment here:  "We enjoyed many happy times with Danielle, and many of these times we shared a meal. Here we are having lunch at Ruth's place. Kristina is taking the picture so she is missing here."  It was a lovely afternoon and a fond memory.

This picture was taken after we had enjoyed one of our many Christmas dinners. We always celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve with a dinner of pork roast and duck with potatoes,red cabbage and candied potatoes. Our traditional Christmas dessert which is Risalament with an almond added to it was always a highlight for Danielle. It's always fun to see who get the almond and win the special marzipan pig.This picture was taken last year 2013 at John's place. In the picture we have Danielle, Kristina,Ruth and John. It was taken right before we walked around the Christmas tree to sing our Christmas carols Danielle was always very good at adding her voice it always blended in so well and we will miss her come this Christmas and many more to come. When we had our first Christmas together as an extended family this was new to Danielle but she came to really look forward to spending Christmas this way.


Another picture from Christmas last year. This one with Ruth, Danielle and Kimberley. Sitting at the dinner table. in the center of the table we always have a very special candle holder that was made by Martin when he was just a young boy. It spells out Christmas in Danish (Jul).

When Danielle came out to visit in BC one of the highlights was that we came out to Maple Ridge and picked her up and went out for a nice lunch during the week when Kristina was working In this picture after lunch at ABC in Maple Ridge we went for a coffee at Star Bucks and as you can see by the smiles in the picture we both had a good time.

These special times will be missed and will always be remembered.

With love Ruth and Ina

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