Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In memory - words from the grandchildren

 Daniele left a legacy of grandchildren in this world, who will sadly miss her. 

Nicholas Kayden Greene:

From my grandmother,  I inherited the gift of words. It's quite possible I will be a writer too, and 'earn money in my sleep' as Memee often urged me to do. Ever the adventurer, she always bought me equipment to try some new sport from ice skating to snowboarding. I wish I'd had more time to get to know her better.


Emma Lauren Kristina Greene: 

As it turns out...I'm the adventurer to follow in Memee's footsteps. I love the great outdoors and have a passion for excitement...I had more fun with the sporting goods she bought Nick than he did! Mom says I am an Obry through and through,  just like my grandmother and Auntie Krissy. Stubborn as the strong women of the Obry family have always been, I follow in my grandmother's grand tradition and will make her proud.  I wish she could have been alive to see me put the gift of my inherited tenacity to good use as I become a marine biologist in a few short years! Rest in peace, Memee.


Kyle Jacob Greene: 
My Memee was always kind. I will remember her for her generosity and thoughtfulness, she was always sending me little packages in the mail that brightened my day. I will miss you.


Thaden Rockwell Standing: 

Young as he is,  it's hard to say what traits this young man has picked up from his grandmother--but certainly her gift for deep love is already evident I'm his precious little heart. When his mother, Louise, left for Montreal to go to Memee's bedside,  he was quite irate to be left behind.  'But mommy', he said,  'she can't die yet I didn't get to know her.  You HAVE to bring me to see her!' He has a heart of gold, and I know that comes from Danielle ♡ As a mother, I am saddened he will not get to know her, nor any other children that I will gift to her legacy, but there's those flashes--precious, heartwarming glimpses--that scream "Danielle!" that I see in each of my children that remind me that she's still with us.

                                                                         ~    Louise Frances Sybil Duval Standing

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