Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In Memory - Words from a daughter (2)

In her last days, someone told me mom thought she hasn't been a very good mother. I laughed at this--and spent the next days holding mom's hand and telling her all she'd done for me a the beautiful gifts she'd imparted on me in her life. 'Mom', I said, 'it's because of you that I learned to love so deeply. You taught me the beauty of generosity; how helping someone in need is more gratifying than doing something for yourself. I learned from you the gift of creativity--the countless hours you spent doing ceramics, painting and other crafts with me. You taught me to use words, and with those words I became a published novelist, something I know made you proud. You gave me every good gift in life and taught me so much. You never tried to control me, but let me find my own path and encouraged me to success. Were you a good mother?  No. You were a GREAT mother, and I'm so grateful I got to be your daughter. Thank you mommy. I will love you forever.
                                                     ~ Louise

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