Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In memory - obituary

Daniele Lemyre passed away peacefully on November 5, 2014 at Notre Dame Hospital, in Montreal, Quebec.

She will be missed by all who knew her.

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In memory - words from a daughter (1)

Daniele was the most interesting and fun person I knew.  She was not just my mom, but my best friend too.

A woman of eclectic interests, strong intelligence, and high creativity, one was never bored in her company.
As a young woman, she left her home province of Quebec and traveled to the other side of the country to start a fresh life and a family.
She had two daughters, myself and a younger sister, Louise.

 as well as several grandchildren, whom she loved dearly.

I remember one day around 2006 she called me up out of the blue and wanted me to meet her in Edmonton to spend the night and have a visit with all of us.  I know this time was very precious to her, and to us
During her life, she found many opportunities to travel, which she loved.  She spent a number of years working at Canadian Airlines, which gave her the opportunity to travel the world.  She went to Hong Kong, to Argentina, and many other places, including a couple I was able to join her on, including
    - Hawaii -- how she loved the ocean!
 -  and Italy and Switzerland, where she enjoyed the history and old buildings

Later on, she returned to Montreal to care for her aging mother in her final years.

 At that time she also worked at an association that helped women over 50 find jobs.  She always went above and beyond to help people, and would give away her last dollar to a stranger if they needed it.  She was the one who was willing to do whatever she could to help those in need.

She would visit often, and loved the beach.  Whenever we went there, she had to take off her socks and shoes and go dip her feet in.  

As an artisan, over the years, she painted, did mosaic art, ceramics, card making....
We spent many, many hours making cards, and for her, the most special part was then to use them to write special notes to friends and loved ones...I am sure many of the people reading this post have one or two of her cards tucked away.

She had a card making blog that you can see here:

... and in the past view years, her passion was glass art with the Centre D'Artisanat in Montreal.

Even when she was fighting cancer, she kept her spirits up, she did not let it keep her down, and we made of the most of that time, to visit friends and family, go to the beach and museums and even for her to introduce me to a couple of cabane a sucres.

Daniele loved people, crowds, music and having fun, and the below is how I'll always want to remember her.  On this day in the summer of 2013, as she was recovering from surgery for her cancer, she still got up and danced with the crowd in the park, enjoying the music of her youth.

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                                                                           ~ Kristina, November 5, 2014

In Memory - Words from a daughter (2)

In her last days, someone told me mom thought she hasn't been a very good mother. I laughed at this--and spent the next days holding mom's hand and telling her all she'd done for me a the beautiful gifts she'd imparted on me in her life. 'Mom', I said, 'it's because of you that I learned to love so deeply. You taught me the beauty of generosity; how helping someone in need is more gratifying than doing something for yourself. I learned from you the gift of creativity--the countless hours you spent doing ceramics, painting and other crafts with me. You taught me to use words, and with those words I became a published novelist, something I know made you proud. You gave me every good gift in life and taught me so much. You never tried to control me, but let me find my own path and encouraged me to success. Were you a good mother?  No. You were a GREAT mother, and I'm so grateful I got to be your daughter. Thank you mommy. I will love you forever.
                                                     ~ Louise

In memory - words from a Son-in-law

Danielle was a very unique person, she was super smart, and super giving. She would do anything for anyone, and I mean anyone.

When I just meet Danielle, she and Kristina were living together in Vancouver, and every time I went to their place it seemed like there were more and more people living there. I guess it was cold outside, and Danielle figured she would solve the homeless problem in Vancouver by herself. By letting everyone live with her. As you can imagine that didn't work out all that well, as so many different people under one roof don't tend to get along. But she always wanted to help, even if she was the one who needed it most.

Kristina, Danielle and myself did many things together...
    ....we went on vacations,  we didn't go too far in between drinks,as there always seemed to be a bar to stop at. Although Danielle didn't drink much, I would make up for her.  Now, how am I going to get away with drinking so much?

    ..... she came here to visit
 ..... this was a few years ago, in Tofino

  ..... we went to Montreal to visit her too.   It was always interesting,  not too many dull moments.

Sometimes she would phone me and tell me about my astrology, she would say this is a very lucky time for you, and sure enough, I would win stuff on the radio, or in other contests. She was very good at her astrology, and she loved doing it.

Whenever she came here to visit we would all spent several hours sitting in front of the xbox playing many different game, and let me tell you, anything with trivia was a waste of time for us, she always kicked our butts. But we always had fun.
Life is going to be very different without her around, she will be dearly missed.

Love you always.
Till we meet again,
Love you, Martin

In memory - words from the extended family

Daniele spend many hours with her extended family, the "in laws" :-)  Ruth and Ina comment here:  "We enjoyed many happy times with Danielle, and many of these times we shared a meal. Here we are having lunch at Ruth's place. Kristina is taking the picture so she is missing here."  It was a lovely afternoon and a fond memory.

This picture was taken after we had enjoyed one of our many Christmas dinners. We always celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve with a dinner of pork roast and duck with potatoes,red cabbage and candied potatoes. Our traditional Christmas dessert which is Risalament with an almond added to it was always a highlight for Danielle. It's always fun to see who get the almond and win the special marzipan pig.This picture was taken last year 2013 at John's place. In the picture we have Danielle, Kristina,Ruth and John. It was taken right before we walked around the Christmas tree to sing our Christmas carols Danielle was always very good at adding her voice it always blended in so well and we will miss her come this Christmas and many more to come. When we had our first Christmas together as an extended family this was new to Danielle but she came to really look forward to spending Christmas this way.


Another picture from Christmas last year. This one with Ruth, Danielle and Kimberley. Sitting at the dinner table. in the center of the table we always have a very special candle holder that was made by Martin when he was just a young boy. It spells out Christmas in Danish (Jul).

When Danielle came out to visit in BC one of the highlights was that we came out to Maple Ridge and picked her up and went out for a nice lunch during the week when Kristina was working In this picture after lunch at ABC in Maple Ridge we went for a coffee at Star Bucks and as you can see by the smiles in the picture we both had a good time.

These special times will be missed and will always be remembered.

With love Ruth and Ina

In memory - words from the grandchildren

 Daniele left a legacy of grandchildren in this world, who will sadly miss her. 

Nicholas Kayden Greene:

From my grandmother,  I inherited the gift of words. It's quite possible I will be a writer too, and 'earn money in my sleep' as Memee often urged me to do. Ever the adventurer, she always bought me equipment to try some new sport from ice skating to snowboarding. I wish I'd had more time to get to know her better.


Emma Lauren Kristina Greene: 

As it turns out...I'm the adventurer to follow in Memee's footsteps. I love the great outdoors and have a passion for excitement...I had more fun with the sporting goods she bought Nick than he did! Mom says I am an Obry through and through,  just like my grandmother and Auntie Krissy. Stubborn as the strong women of the Obry family have always been, I follow in my grandmother's grand tradition and will make her proud.  I wish she could have been alive to see me put the gift of my inherited tenacity to good use as I become a marine biologist in a few short years! Rest in peace, Memee.


Kyle Jacob Greene: 
My Memee was always kind. I will remember her for her generosity and thoughtfulness, she was always sending me little packages in the mail that brightened my day. I will miss you.


Thaden Rockwell Standing: 

Young as he is,  it's hard to say what traits this young man has picked up from his grandmother--but certainly her gift for deep love is already evident I'm his precious little heart. When his mother, Louise, left for Montreal to go to Memee's bedside,  he was quite irate to be left behind.  'But mommy', he said,  'she can't die yet I didn't get to know her.  You HAVE to bring me to see her!' He has a heart of gold, and I know that comes from Danielle ♡ As a mother, I am saddened he will not get to know her, nor any other children that I will gift to her legacy, but there's those flashes--precious, heartwarming glimpses--that scream "Danielle!" that I see in each of my children that remind me that she's still with us.

                                                                         ~    Louise Frances Sybil Duval Standing