Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In memory - words from a daughter (1)

Daniele was the most interesting and fun person I knew.  She was not just my mom, but my best friend too.

A woman of eclectic interests, strong intelligence, and high creativity, one was never bored in her company.
As a young woman, she left her home province of Quebec and traveled to the other side of the country to start a fresh life and a family.
She had two daughters, myself and a younger sister, Louise.

 as well as several grandchildren, whom she loved dearly.

I remember one day around 2006 she called me up out of the blue and wanted me to meet her in Edmonton to spend the night and have a visit with all of us.  I know this time was very precious to her, and to us
During her life, she found many opportunities to travel, which she loved.  She spent a number of years working at Canadian Airlines, which gave her the opportunity to travel the world.  She went to Hong Kong, to Argentina, and many other places, including a couple I was able to join her on, including
    - Hawaii -- how she loved the ocean!
 -  and Italy and Switzerland, where she enjoyed the history and old buildings

Later on, she returned to Montreal to care for her aging mother in her final years.

 At that time she also worked at an association that helped women over 50 find jobs.  She always went above and beyond to help people, and would give away her last dollar to a stranger if they needed it.  She was the one who was willing to do whatever she could to help those in need.

She would visit often, and loved the beach.  Whenever we went there, she had to take off her socks and shoes and go dip her feet in.  

As an artisan, over the years, she painted, did mosaic art, ceramics, card making....
We spent many, many hours making cards, and for her, the most special part was then to use them to write special notes to friends and loved ones...I am sure many of the people reading this post have one or two of her cards tucked away.

She had a card making blog that you can see here:

... and in the past view years, her passion was glass art with the Centre D'Artisanat in Montreal.

Even when she was fighting cancer, she kept her spirits up, she did not let it keep her down, and we made of the most of that time, to visit friends and family, go to the beach and museums and even for her to introduce me to a couple of cabane a sucres.

Daniele loved people, crowds, music and having fun, and the below is how I'll always want to remember her.  On this day in the summer of 2013, as she was recovering from surgery for her cancer, she still got up and danced with the crowd in the park, enjoying the music of her youth.

If you have any stories you would like to share, please leave a note below or send an email and I will post it for you.
                                                                           ~ Kristina, November 5, 2014

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